Friday, 15 July 2011

"BRRAAAAAAAINSssss!!" - aka the Dead Roots Project

A few months ago I was contacted by Mike Garley about drawing up a two-pager comic to serve as a sample taste and introduction to his comic book anthology and web-based world-building project Dead Roots. The script he sent me packed an emotional punch that was a challenge to do justice to, and since the scenography dictated no more detail than "an European city" for the setting, I indulged in inflicting zombie devastation on my student-day familiar town of Lyon. Also, gods bless Google Street View...

The project was also an interesting throwback to the good old days of traditional-media school work (since Mike's interest was piqued by a project I had done at Emile Cohl on a text by Neil Gaiman: The Fool. ), using ink wetwash and pencil on grey Canson paper. Some digital fiddling and enhancing, and added colour for the photograph on page2.

... Dum-dum-DUM!

Histoire courte d'invasion zombie en 2 planches par Mike Garley dans le cadre de son anthologie de comics Dead Roots. Et un petit retour aux techniques tradi, lavis d'encre de chine et Colorex blanche sur papier Canson gris, réhauts à la pierre noire, et retouches Photoshop.