Friday, 23 May 2008

Canal J competition


Voila à quoi se résume ma vie ces quelques derniers mois, et ceci jusqu'en juin encore. Je veux avoir fini à temps pour partir à Annecy!

Et vaguement à propos, vu qu'on aura le resultat des votes à Annecy - allez voter pour notre film! 'Calcul Mental' est en competition pour Les Espoirs de l'Animation, le concours d'anim jeunesse organisé par Canal J. (et on est les tous premiers sur la grille des films, vive les hasards heureux!)

"Trois plus DEUX, Raphael?!"

Very, very, very busy months working on my animation final project. But the short film a group of us made this first term for a national animation contest between schools is airing on TV, and competing with 40-so others. Go check it out (and vote for us!) at

('Calcul Mental' is the very first film on the grid, w00t! Results of the vote - one pro selection, and one kid's choice - will be announced at the Annecy animation festival in June.)


Melissa said...


You did the character designs and drawing on this? It looks very much like your work. Very expressive.

Michèle said...

Funny, like alive, well imagined and above very, very well done