Thursday, 9 July 2009

Les vraies big news, episode2

Signature de contrat chez Glénat-Drugstore pour le roman graphique "Yessika, Voyance", avec un scénario de Isabelle Bauthian ("Effleurés", "Anathème"...).

Une histoire socio-psycho-girly-humoristco-intimiste, qui prend son inspiration originale dans des histoires vécues au standard d'une boite de voyance téléphonique - des qui font rigoler, et d'autres qui donnent la nausée...

Couleur, 90p environ. Guettez les news pour une date de sortie!

Petit apercu (en attente de modifs...)


Good news! I've been signed on for a 90p graphic novel under the Gl
énat-Drugstore label.
Story by Isabelle Bauthian.

Stephanie, a bit of a little princess, is suddenly faced with her family's financial troubles and has to start working part-time to pay for her studies. Her new job? Phone operator on a fortune-telling/astology hotline... A story about credulity, cupidity, growing up and drawing a moral line.


Lorako said...

T'as signé ??? Yatta !!! trop contente pour toi tite elfe <3

François said...

Hello Rebecca, chouette update en effet depuis la semaine dernière! continue comme ça !

Jérôme Jouvray said...

Cool ! Super content pour toi ! T'as intérêt à nous prévenir dès que tu fais ta première dédicace !!!! Bises !

Isabelle Bauthian said...

Youhou ! :)

Jaleh said...

Oh, congratulations! You really deserve it - I just love your paintings and drawings! :-)

raph said...

yeah trop cooool!!
Je suis sûre que ça va être top moumoute!

Anonymous said...

OMGness, je ne sais pas comment mais j'aurai cette graphic novel:)
pity I won't be able to have you sign it bwaaa

I am really happy to see your blog updated.
and big congrats on the contact signing, I am looking forward to see your work on this project:)

IriaL de deviantart

Anonymous said...

I'm with Ira - I hope a few copies will wend their way across the pond. It's really interesting seeing the way you adapted to this project; color very much suits your work (and I love the details; the way the plushie Totoro's snuck into the frames is especially adorable, and faintly surreal if you squint.)

And since I've seen three languages on this page already, how about a fourth? Jiayoua!! (Lit. "add oil" as to a fire; words of encouragement. If you caught last year's Olympic games you might recognize the sound. Oh, yeah, and this is Cwicseolfor from dA if you couldn't tell from the verbose worship alone. ^-^)

Nienke said...

Sounds great, do you reckon it'll be available in the Netherlands? Or at least perhaps possible for a Dutch comic book store to order it for me? I've never tried to get comic books from abroad before...
For that matter, I wouldn't mind a short trip to France just to try and get it there *grin* Any idea where it will be available in France?

And will it be published only in French or in English as well? Or Dutch of course ;)