Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Les Rues de Lyon et la Reine des Tilleuls

Un éditeur aurait dit récemment : "les auteurs vont devoir trouver un second métier s'ils veulent survivre". Bon... Ok. Mais ce second métier, ce sera encore de la BD, ce sera en local, en auto-édition collective, selon un modèle alternatif, coopératif, solidaire. À Lyon nous tentons l'expérience, en commençant par un journal mensuel proposant des histoires lyonnaises racontées par des auteurs lyonnais. Puis nous passerons à d'autres projets, d'autres idées, d'autres publications. Nous voulons ici, en local, un outil d'édition qui réintègre l'auteur dans un tissu social de proximité, parce qu'on peut faire notre métier autrement qu'au travers de l'édition de masse à l'échelle nationale, voire internationale. C'est un pari, et si ça vous parle, n'hésitez pas à rejoindre ceux qui ont déjà choisi de nous soutenir.
Olivier Jouvray de l'Epicerie Séquentielle.

La campage Ulule et des précisions sur le projet et notre démarche ici :

en plus d'une bande-annonce en vidéo, vous pouvez déjà lire l'intégralité du premier recit BD.

La couverture de mon numéro (ce sera le 02, au final - parution en juin 2015), sur la Reine des Tilleuls de la place Bellecour :

(Ce n'est pas dans ce style-là que j'ai fait mes planches, mais j'ai quand meme travaillé en tradi, pour changer, à l'encre sépia...)

Tous les soutiens sont les bienvenus !


Lookit what I've been working on! It's a 9-pager short story in comic form, that I wrote by my onesome this time - with help from a local historian. It's the true story of a local "colourful figure" from here in Lyon, a 19th century open-air café owner who had a Thing for the former royal family and basically went around the main city square cosplaying Marie-Antoinette, "Queen of the Linden Trees", much to the locals' enjoyment, but at a time when that was not politically an incredibly savvy move...

This is my contribution to a hippy-dippy - yet extremely professional - co-op type publishing venture a coupla dozen Lyon BD artists are pulling together; everyone is putting in some volunteer spare time on the formatting and printing and distribution work, and the better part of that 3€ selling price is for the (thus far unpaid) artists of each respective issue of the magazine. Which is a bit of an Important Issue, because there's been a general trend in the French BD/comics scene for the big-name publishers towards lower page rates, increasingly distant royalties-starting points, and flooding of the market with so many new publications it's hard to get noticed by overwhelmed readers. So, this is one form of grass-roots-ish alternate solutioneering. It's going to be a monthly publication à la old-fashioned magazines, 12 pages incl. covers, with a complete story in comics form, some extra material sometimes; mainly historical trufacts to start with but branching out into other non-fiction topics with a local slant.
I'm in issue #2, part of the first batch of six magazines we plan to publish all in one go at the main Lyon book fair/comic con event in June, before the monthly publication system starts up.

and we have a Kickstarter Ulule campaign up and running to help us get started! (Ulule is a little more franco-friendly, same principle however). If that feels like something you wanna help out with, I'd be very grateful! Donor goodies include a yearly subscription in physical and digital format... anyone wanting to pratice their French on some fun stories, obscure historical anecdata and other city tales...


someguy said...

I emailed you off your old website
and have not receiving a response I am now trying to reach you yet again
I wanted to ask for permission to use one of your pieces for artwork for an EP,,which is a small album... music.. yes... just curious... my email is THANK YOU

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